Looking to make an impact with global audiences? It might be time to think mobile first.

by Jeff Corbin | February 27, 2015

2014 marked a milestone for mobile. Giving credence to Mary Meeker’s somewhat shocking 2008 prediction (“mobile to overtake fixed internet access by 2014”), Americans used smartphones and tablets for more than half of their internet usage, surpassing PCs for the first time. A majority of that usage was app-based. And this trend is not limited Read more…

The Evolving Landscape of TV is Eerily Similar to Desktop Computing

by Jeff Corbin | February 11, 2015

What do Blockbuster Video and Netflix, CDs and iTunes, PCs and tablets have in common? The former in each grouping either is or will become obsolete in the coming years. This is certainly true with respect to Blockbuster and CDs. Given the incredibly quick proliferation of mobile technology, is there reason to believe that the Read more…

Communicating strategy – Not just a “one and done”

by J. Heath Shatouhy | February 4, 2015

For most companies, the first of the year is a time to rally the troops – a time to get laser focused on the company’s strategy and a natural time to communicate annual goals and the role individuals, teams and organizations play in bringing that strategy to life. Sound familiar? I hope so. In fact, Read more…

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