Hot Off the Press: The Communications Professional – Guide to Mobile Solutions and Services

by Jeff Corbin | September 16, 2015

With the Millennial workforce expected to reach 75% in the next decade, it is no surprise that mobile communications solutions are being developed by both start-up and decades-old behemoth tech companies vying to win over this important audience.  And, who can blame them – Millennials (who were born in the early 1980s through the early Read more…

The Hillary App

by Jeff Corbin | September 9, 2015

Breaking news!  Hillary Clinton apologized regarding her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.  How did she get the word of her apology out? Get ready because the list is kind of long . . .she did a media interview (ABC News), she sent an email to her supporters, she Read more…

Are Partnerships Fueling the Race to Enterprise and B2B Mobility?

by Jeff Corbin | September 1, 2015

First it was Apple and IBM. In December of last year, they created a partnership with a purpose to develop mobile applications for business.  Then came Samsung and Red Hat in June.  They announced a strategic alliance “to deliver the next generation of mobile solutions for the enterprise.”  And yesterday Apple and Cisco announced their Read more…

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