Rethinking Content Distribution for Employees via Mobile

by Jeff Corbin | February 18, 2016

In the day of the 2 ½” x 4” screen of the iPhone and Android, one thing is clear: all the great content of a company’s corporate intranet just doesn’t fit.  Indeed, finding information, if you are even able to gain access to the Intranet via mobile can be a difficult if not miserable experience.  Read more…

Three Themes from the Latest ALI Strategic Internal Communications Conference

by J. Heath Shatouhy | February 11, 2016

In late January our team attended our second Advanced Learning Institute’s Strategic Internal Communications conference in San Francisco. For any corporate or internal communications professional (or even HR) we highly recommend these events (and others like them) as the quality of focused conversation both during the scheduled sessions as well as the more informal networking Read more…

A Change of Careers…Kind of

by Jeff Corbin | February 5, 2016

Last week I announced that I would be stepping down as CEO of public relations consulting firm KCSA Strategic Communications in order to fully dedicate myself to building and leading APPrise Mobile as its CEO. For the past few years, APPrise Mobile has created a technology solution that is becoming the standard for communicating internally Read more…

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