Consumerizing the Enterprise App and Digital Workplace Experience

by Jeff Corbin | March 15, 2017

Throughout our history at APPrise Mobile, our development philosophy has always been to listen, prioritize and implement the feedback of our customers, prospects and partners.  In developing an enterprise workplace tool like theEMPLOYEEapp, we refuse to do so in a vacuum based on what we think companies want and will use.  Rather, doesn’t it make Read more…

Radio Interview: Why Internal Communications is so Critical to Employee Engagement

by Jeff Corbin | March 14, 2017

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join UK-based Blog Talk Radio’s “Engage for Success” for an interview on why internal communications is so critical to employee engagement. While recent Gallup data continues to show that a vast majority of employees are disengaged, the conversation among communications and HR professionals continues on how to best strategically Read more…

The Gallup 2017 Employee Engagement Report is Out: And the Results . . . Nothing has Changed

by Jeff Corbin | March 7, 2017

The latest report by Gallup on employee engagement is out.  What’s interesting about this year’s (2017) State of the American Workplace Report as compared to previous years is that it’s not really interesting.  Indeed, not much has changed over the past several years. It’s a sad fact but the majority of employees are not engaged Read more…

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