Are Employers Ready for the Mobile Workforce?

Mobile access to work information boosts employee engagement and productivity, according to Part I of theEMPLOYEEapp’s 2015 Mobile Trends in the Workplace Survey.

The study examined the correlation between employee engagement and accessibility to company information, as well as how employees and employers are using mobile. Given that 64% of Americans own a smartphone, one would think that employers are taking advantage of this technology, right? The answer was surprisingly no!

While 62% of employees said that easy access to company info makes them more productive and hence improves job satisfaction, nearly half (41%) said that given the nature of their company’s corporate Intranet and other legacy systems, they have a really hard time accessing information from their mobile devices (which, by the way, they depend on more than a desktop computer these days)! Check out the infographic below to learn more. To read the press release, click here.


theEMPLOYEEapp Survey Part 1 FINAL resized