Delta Airlines – Can You Hear Me?

by Jeff Corbin | May 4, 2017

It’s Thursday morning and I’m drinking my cup of coffee. I open The Wall Street Journal and read the article on the front page about the Delta airline debacle and the fact that the reason for the cancellations in April was an analog telephone technology problem. Can you believe it? In today’s digital society, Delta Read more…

Mobile and the Dispersed Workforce

by Caitlin Strauss Corda | March 27, 2015

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein By Cyndy Trivella, Manager of Marketing, SmartSearch & Events Director, TalentCulture As someone who works remotely, I appreciate the flexibility of my working conditions, as well as having the technology that allows me to be productive and communicative. I know a number of employed Read more…

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