The Evolution of the Digital Workplace is Happening Right Before Our Eyes

by Jeff Corbin | May 10, 2016

Something interesting is taking place in business.  And it’s happening right before our eyes.  The workplace is changing.  It is becoming a digital one.  Indeed, Gartner, the leading technology analyst organization, released on April 27th its 2016 Cool Vendors in the Digital Workplace report. What’s new about the trend taking place within the enterprise is Read more…

Stay Connected and Engaged 24×7

by Dr. Deepak Malhotra | April 11, 2016

Recently we engaged with Dr Deepak Malhotra, HR Head and Author of Match the Age to Keep them Engaged to discuss his tips for creating successful, engagement strategies. With more than 21 years of HR experience, Deepak knows how to create employee advocates. If you like what is included in this post, please join us Read more…

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