Generation Z – they’re here!

by Jeff Corbin | November 8, 2017

As part of our marketing and thought leadership activities at APPrise Mobile, we regularly conduct research on topics relating to employee engagement and communications.  It’s important not only that we understand trends relevant to the work we do in internal communications, but also topics that our clients and others are interested in. For example, we Read more…

How Many Workplace Apps Will an Employee Download?

by Jeff Corbin | July 26, 2017

Mobile Hubs are Shaping the Future of the Digital Workplace Once again, APPrise Mobile has been mentioned by Gartner as one of the technology companies to keep an eye out for when it comes to mobile enterprise solutions and the digital workplace! In a recent report (July 17, 2017) entitled, “Hype Cycle for Unified Communications Read more…

Mobile Technology Can Make You More Successful In Your Work: 5 Thoughts to Consider Before Embarking on a Mobile App Strategy

by Jeff Corbin | March 9, 2016

Mobile application management company Apperian recently released its 2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report. Among its findings was that “51 percent of all companies are currently providing apps to at least one type of ‘extended enterprise’ worker – hourly workers, contracted employees and business partners – who are an important audience for enterprise mobile apps.”  For Read more…

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