by Jeff Corbin | February 5, 2016

A Change of Careers…Kind of

Last week I announced that I would be stepping down as CEO of public relations consulting firm KCSA Strategic Communications in order to fully dedicate myself to building and leading APPrise Mobile as its CEO. For the past few years, APPrise Mobile has created a technology solution that is becoming the standard for communicating internally and externally through the mobile device. After nearly 20 years of consulting for companies of all sizes and across all industries in their communications, I felt that now was the appropriate time to switch my area of focus albeit within the communications industry.

Unlike other tech companies and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the mobile communications opportunity (e.g. those trying to tackle messaging, file sharing and/or collaboration), I have witnessed firsthand the challenges internal communications professionals face when seeking to reach oftentimes disparate workforces. Up until the past couple of years before everyone had an Apple or Android mobile device, our profession was relegated to old school ways of communicating like newsletters, email, town hall meetings, posters and signage, etc. While effective in many respects, each of these methods doesn’t necessarily ensure the delivery of messages and content simultaneously and instantaneously to all employees. Even email has proven ineffective especially for companies with part-time employees who are not provided with company email addresses or because of “email overload.”

The last time there was a real change in the technological landscape was almost 25 years ago when the Internet became commercialized. As an industry, we took advantage of this by coming up with strategies and tactics to expedite the delivery of key messages to our targeted audiences. And we succeeded.

Well, the technological landscape has changed once again. The mobile device enables something that the Internet never did. And that is to have direct access to those who we want to communicate with. The question becomes how to go about taking advantage of this opportunity. How can we as communications professionals distribute information, content and messages directly to the pockets of the people we want to reach?

In founding APPrise Mobile, we recognized that mobile technology offers a solution to this problem. We also recognized that mobile is about more than just sending messages or file sharing or collaboration. It’s about all of these things combined. APPrise Mobile and our mobile app technology platform was developed to provide communications professionals with a holistic, cost effective, easy to use and easy to implement way to distribute information and content through the mobile device. We established our company to provide our industry with a solution that didn’t require technical know-how or heavy IT lifting.

In moving out of the consulting business and into tech, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I have greatly benefited both professionally and personally from being part of this great communications industry. It’s now my turn to give back.

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