Amy Jenkins


Are You Reaching the 80%?

Are you able to reach the 80% of employees who don’t sit at a desk for work?


The Secret to Employee Engagement? Giving Your Employees a Voice

As a leader of an internal communications team, I spent a good part of my early career trying to lock down and limit the amount of communication going to employees. This wasn’t because I didn’t believe in transparency or want employees to be in the know. But rather, because I wanted them to be able to focus on the important

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Preparing for Open Enrollment: Employee Communication

It’s Open Enrollment season! This is a time of year that can be very stressful for communications and HR teams. Why does everyone wait until the last minute to change their benefits? Why do so many people ask for extensions?! Did they get the emails? Didn’t they see the signs posted in the break rooms, hallways, and elevators?! Didn’t they check

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Three Tips to Enhance Leadership Communications

Leaders want to be heard and great leaders want to listen. But this can be difficult to achieve in organizations with largely remote or deskless workers. Many organizations still rely heavily on email and print communications. And some are still dependent on leaders cascading information to frontline employees. While all can be effective, they also pose challenges and ultimately make

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5 Tips to Get Ahead of Crisis

When crisis strikes, will you be ready to communicate with all employees so you can own the internal narrative?  With the 24-hour news cycle, a story about your organization can hit the wires or social media at any moment. Do you have a strategy in place for handling crisis? Is your leadership team in the loop and supportive of the

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