CEVA Logistics Expands theEMPLOYEEapp to Colleagues in Mexico

A few times a month, we like to highlight new clients and client milestones and successes. Our amazing clients’ success stories demonstrate the amazing power of a mobile employee communications strategy that reaches all employees from the frontline to the corporate office.

“We’re excited to share that CEVA Logistics recently extended their employee communications to Mexico! Last week, CEVA launched the CEVA Go MX profile so they can share both localized and corporate information with their colleagues in Mexico. The CEVA Go MX employees are so excited to learn more about the North American business and share their own success stories on the app!” says Jenna Archambault, the Client Success Account Manager for CEVA. 

CEVA Logistics is a global logistics and supply chain company, and having a dispersed workforce can pose challenges for communicating and reaching all employees. One of CEVA’s primary goals for using theEMPLOYEEapp was to be able to share a mix of corporate and localized news with their workforce, starting with their North American staff. Now, the internal communications team at CEVA is rolling out theEMPLOYEEapp to their staff in Mexico–where targeted content will be translated into the Spanish language.

Ultimately, the goal of the platform is to help make everyone feel like they’re all on the same team to increase retention across the organization. With positive reviews already coming in from their employees in Mexico, we’re excited to see how the ROI on employee engagement and communication grows in their organization.

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