Internal Communications Moving to Mobile in 2020

Last updated on November 12, 2020 at 10:19 pm

Employee engagement. If you are in the HR or Communications department, you no doubt have “Drive employee engagement” as a 2020 goal. Companies define engagement in different ways, but one clear objective to increasing this key component of the employee experience is providing access to information for your deskless workers.

While email and Intranets have provided this access in the past, it has become apparent in recent years that we need to meet employees with information when and where they want to receive it — via mobile technology.

Why Mobile

Employees are used to receiving information through their phones the moment it becomes news-worthy. Communication that impacts their work and the company they work for should be no different. Utilizing an app for communications provides easier access to important information that employees need to be successful in their jobs. This includes important announcements from leadership, HR news, and access to documents, paystubs, etc. But it also allows you to share “nice-to-know” information. This is the feel-good stories that communicators often shelve because they don’t have the space or time to fit them into their normal communications cadence. And this content can be shared through engaging multimedia platforms such as video, podcasts, photos, and blogs.

Engaging Deskless Employees

We conducted a survey of 1,000 deskless employees to learn what they need and where the gaps in communications are. We found that only 56% of deskless employees felt connected and engaged by their employers. 27% receive no recognition at all. And 29% said that more frequent and effective internal comms would positively impact their views of their job.

I spent the last decade searching for ways to evolve communication and drive engagement at Chipotle. And I discovered my passion for mobile technology as the solution. I’m now excited to be dedicating the next chapter of my career as Director of Client Strategy at theEMPLOYEEapp, to help others achieve their communications and engagement goals, and to ultimately drive business results through the use of mobile technology.

So, while you’re fine-tuning your 2020 communications strategy, I encourage you to not only look at what you need to communicate this year, but how you will communicate it. Because the communication channel and ease of access to information is just as important as the content itself.

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