Jeff Corbin is excited to congratulate Heath Shatouhy on being named Chief Revenue Officer due to his background in sales and communications.

by Jeff Corbin | February 21, 2017

Every once in a while you get lucky. You make a decision on one issue and benefit from it on another. This is what happened at APPrise Mobile. I want to congratulate Heath Shatouhy on recently being named our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

So, what exactly was the purpose of promoting Heath to CRO and what is a CRO? Heath started out as our Senior VP of Sales – and an excellent one at that. In fact, he had sold me the service of his former company when I was the CEO of communications consulting firm, KCSA Strategic Communications. As APPrise Mobile continued to grow, we realized that a direct correlation exists between sales and customer success/retention. You can’t grow if for every client you win, you can’t retain the ones you already have. Hence, putting the two functions together made a lot of sense and having Heath at the helm made even more sense.

Given Heath’s and my background in HR and corporate communications (respectively), client success is a critical component of our software-as-a-service offering. This isn’t just lip service. As part of our standard onboarding process for new clients of theEMPLOYEEapp, we bring to the table a consulting service called Consult. We want our clients to take advantage of our decades of communications and HR experience and also the many best practices that we have learned over the years in helping organizations deploy a new mobile communications solution to hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide.

Since we launched Consult, we have seen great results and have heard so too from our clients. Following a meeting with our team, Consult allows our clients to quickly organize their content, user and administration strategies, to be prepared to communicate with their workforces as well as to successfully deploy their employee app.

We continue to grow at APPrise Mobile. And accomplishing this requires not only an excellent product and solution to sell but also a relationship with our clients that results from a service offering through which we hope they will depend on us not just for technology.

Congratulations Heath Shatouhy!

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