Springfield Clinic

Springfield Clinic

Springfield Clinic building from the outside
Springfield Clinic is one of the largest private, multi-specialty medical clinics in Illinois. Founded in 1939 and with over 450 physicians and advanced practitioners covering eighty medical specialties and sub-specialties, Springfield Clinic conducts well over one million patient encounters each year. The company’s staff is comprised of more than 2,200 medical and administrative employees spread across 50 locations throughout 20 counties in central Illinois.


Up until partnering with theEMPLOYEEapp, Springfield Clinic relied on traditional communications means including email, an underutilized and ineffective intranet, and siloed newsletters. The communications team determined that these tools were not effective, were largely being ignored by staff and did very little to build team and organizational unity. Springfield Clinic sought to identify a solution that would engage both physicians and staff, increase engagement when it came to organization initiatives, improve morale by having employees feel more connected and consolidate traditional communications tools by creating a “go to” resource. The new solution had to be intuitive, cost-effective, and simple enough for non-tech savvy individuals to manage as well as provide team members with an easy and convenient way to access important documents, workplace resources and information. Springfield Clinic concluded that the answer was a mobile app.


Springfield Clinic decided to work with theEMPLOYEEapp for several important reasons.

  • Springfield Clinic wanted to have its own branded app, not a generic one. Through theEMPLOYEEapp, the organization has implemented SC Network that employees can access from the app stores or through browsers as a web app.
  • Since so many of its employees do not have access to computers and the company’s intranet, the mobile solution needed to be more than just a newsfeed. It was necessary for its app to have an easy to access content repository where employees could find important documents and communications in only a click or two – theEMPLOYEEapp’s “Explore” functionality allowed for this.
  • Since there are so many locations and categories of professionals working at Springfield Clinic, they needed the ability to target content to specific and various user groups. theEMPLOYEEapp simply and seamlessly integrated with Springfield Clinic’s employee database.
  • theEMPLOYEEapp was created and developed by communications professionals who understood the challenges that the communications team at Springfield Clinic faced in their work. theEMPLOYEEapp was quick to deploy and didn’t require technical expertise to implement and use.


To start, Springfield Clinic launched the SC Network as part of a three-month pilot to a group of about 50 users who tested the new tool and provided feedback. Then the SC Network was launched company-wide, achieving the following results:

  • Within five months of launching SC Network, nearly 50% of the entire Springfield Clinic population was using the app.
  • 100% adoption by company leadership – reinforced by CEO
  • By keeping content on the app fresh, relevant and valuable to its employees, established a 96% user return rate while passing the 1200 user mark.
  • Through a public submission form, an empowered workforce now submits content to be posted to the app.
  • SC Network has become a primary and go to source for company information.
  • Activities, contests and exclusive giveaways through the app have transformed the organization’s ability to engage with employees and create a cohesive team even though members are dispersed throughout the region.

“SC Network achieved the difficult balance of feeling new and exciting while simultaneously remaining accessible and welcoming to employees with varied levels of tech comfortability. Revitalizing our communications strategy with theEMPLOYEEapp has had a tremendous impact on employee engagement, satisfaction and morale.” – Patty Kuhn, Director of Marketing and Communications

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