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by Jeff Corbin | May 14, 2019

It’s amazing what happens when you put some of the smartest, most forward thinking minds in communications in one room together.  Well that’s what happened last week.

For the third year now, APPrise Mobile has brought its clients together for a few days of thought leadership, development, and networking. The event is more than a traditional user conference.  Rather our client event, which we call Employee Communications Matters, is about clients sharing their best practices with us and each other. It’s about the power of working together and discussing how collectively we can change the face of communications and employee engagement for the better.

At APPrise Mobile, we don’t view ourselves just as a tech company. We view ourselves as creating a community of like-minded professionals who understand the challenges confronting us in our work and wanting to do something to solve them. As a company that was established by communications professionals, we understand how hard it can be for teams to research, connect with peers, and still serve those in their organizations. We take this servant mentality to heart, and want to support our clients, which is why we announced the launch of our Client Community App at the event this year.

This year’s event focused in on a few key questions and pain points for communicators. How do you get buy-in from leadership and employees? How do you integrate a mobile app into your strategy? How do you elevate your content to the next level by leveraging video and multimedia?

To help answer these questions, we brought in many speakers to share their experience. Our keynote speaker, renowned thought leader from consulting firm CRA Inc, Carolynne Thomas, helped attendees understand how to move from tactician to strategist and to have an important voice “at the table” that is listened to and respected. Representatives from clients of theEMPLOYEEapp, Toyota North America and Mohegan Sun shared their mobile journeys and their creative ways to engage employees with a new communications tool. Roundtable sessions, led by peer experts including trucking//logistics company NFI, provided thought provoking discussion as well as tactics that could be implemented immediately after the conference. And for the first time, we held a panel where three clients at different stages of the employee app deployments (AvMed, Honda of America Mfg. and Tailored Brands) answered questions about their strategies, successes, opportunities, and how they overcame obstacles.

At APPrise Mobile, our clients mean everything. We want them to be in the driver’s seat, guiding our development. This year, we were proud to announce Version 10 of the app (coming Fall 2019), which includes updates to analytics and the app’s look and feel. There is so much value in learning what we need to start, evolve, and continue doing. And we love seeing the reaction of our clients when they see their feedback being put into action. Together, we will change internal communications.

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