by Jeff Corbin | August 31, 2015

Internal communications failures are the same as a broke phone.

Communications Professionals: Who Has the Oversight?

Over the past several weeks, there were two major internal communications failures at large organizations. The first was with regard to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ use of Microsoft’s internal collaboration tool, Yammer. According to this article from The Guardian, “Yammer, did not have an administrator or system set in place to ensure removal of former VA or contractor employees. Only an administrator could remove an employee from the system, so everyone who had ever logged maintained access to the service.” This lack of oversight allowed both former and current employees to not only share sensitive information but also to exchange insults.

Then, Reuter’s employees were bombarded with more than 650 emails in what is being referred to as #ReutersReplyAllGate. According to this blog from The Wall Street Journal , “someone named Vince sent an email that ended up reaching 33,000 [Reuters] inboxes.”

While we admit that hitting Reply All can happen in any organization that utilizes email, these two examples highlight the need for tighter controls when it comes to internal communications.

With theEMPLOYEEapp, organizations always maintain total control over what content gets posted on their app, who gets to see the content as well as who maintains administrative access.  As a result, the likelihood that sensitive and proprietary information might find its way into the wrong hands is significantly reduced.

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