Consumerizing the enterprise app and digital workplace tool.

by Jeff Corbin | March 15, 2017

Throughout our history at APPrise Mobile, our development philosophy has always been to listen, prioritize and implement the feedback of our customers, prospects and partners. In developing an enterprise workplace tool like theEMPLOYEEapp, we refuse to do so in a vacuum based on what we think companies want and will use. Rather, doesn’t it make sense to create a solution that serves an actual need and solves real problems?

With Version 9.0 that we released today, we’re at it again.

We are fortunate that Gartner, the leading technology industry analyst group has been including us in their research with respect to the category of emerging technologies that they refer to as the Digital Workplace. In 2016 we were one of their Cool Vendors. And, they have referenced us in the context of the “mobile hub” where a company is able to aggregate content and workplace functions under a “single pane of glass in a mobile app; on the back end, they integrate with corporate systems through an intermediate server or cloud component.”

This is precisely how companies are using theEMPLOYEEapp. With Version 9.0 we are one step further in our development which not only accounts for a number of new functionality requests of the companies we serve but also takes into consideration the end user, employees, by providing a user experience that they are accustomed to and comfortable with like in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As companies realize that mobile technology is just as important to workplace success as desktop computing, more and more will seek out software (i.e. apps) that enable their employees to be more effective and efficient in their work. And as they do, the importance of creating a user experience that satisfies the needs of their employees and others using these apps becomes ever more important.

Companies like Facebook have set a standard for user experience that every day consumers appreciate and look for when deciding which apps to use. At APPrise Mobile, we continue to innovate to ensure that organizations have the ability to take advantage of mobile technology to communicate with and organize content so that it is immediately and conveniently available to their employees via the small screens of iPhones, Android and web enabled mobile devices. In doing so, we will never lose perspective on our solution being a workplace tool that serves an actual need and solves a real problem for communications and HR professionals. At the same time, we recognize the importance of consumerizing the mobile digital workplace experience and have accomplished this with Version 9.0.

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