Analog phone that needs to be updated to mobile for employee communication app access.

by Jeff Corbin | May 4, 2017

Delta Airlines – Can You Hear Me?

It’s Thursday morning and I’m drinking my cup of coffee. I open The Wall Street Journal and read the article on the front page about the Delta airline debacle and the fact that the reason for the cancellations in April was an analog telephone technology problem. Can you believe it? In today’s digital society, Delta employees were forced to rely on old school telephone communications.  And in doing so, they received busy signals when they tried to call in to find out about their schedules.  But they couldn’t get their schedules and hence thousands of flights were cancelled.

All I could think about was if Delta had theEMPLOYEEapp, this disaster could have been completely averted.  So many of our clients have told us how they were able to avoid and/or manage certain crises because the internal communication app allowed them to send push notifications and to communicate simultaneously and instantaneously with all employees without having to worry about their corporate infrastructures.

Take, for example, a hospital system in Western Pennsylvania that was able to communicate with doctors and nurses during a power outage. Through their employee app, they were able to forewarn the doctors and nurses that chemotherapy machinery would not be able to be supported by the backup generators and they would need to come up with other ways to address this issue for the health of their patients. Then there was the casino in Las Vegas that was able to keep its employees in the know regarding an ongoing situation with an active shooter on premises.

Yes, these situations are extreme, but they do occur.  Having an employee communications app that allows for top down communications to a dispersed workforce that isn’t in front of a computer works and can solve real problems.

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