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Since launching theEMPLOYEEapp in 2014, the focus of much technology research has been on those solutions focused on deskbound/knowledge workers, not the 2.4 billion “deskless” employees who don’t use computers in their day jobs, don’t have corporate email addresses and don’t have access to corporate intranets.

Well, this has changed! In its recent report, “Eight Steps for Modernizing Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace,” Gartner has taken a deep dive into this important topic.

A few key quotes to pique your curiosity:

  • “Ignoring or not investing in internal communication programs can have a subtle but long-lasting negative impact on the transformation efforts needed for digital business and digital workplace efforts.”
  • Gartner findings “reflect a consensus that some workforce segments, such as deskless workers, feel marginalized, in part because of a lack of communication.”
  • “Opportunities for feedback and confusing technology options are causing incompatible or conflicting options, which can derail efforts to modernize the employee experience around internal communications.”

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