by Jeff Corbin | September 6, 2017

As we all know, one of the main challenges we face as communications professionals is the ability to get important messages and communications into the hands of our various audiences whether they be our employees, customers, partners or other external constituents – and to be able to do so efficiently and cost effectively. Since I began in the communications industry 20 years ago, technology has played a key role in providing us with new ways to do our work. The challenge has been that it keeps evolving so it has become increasingly difficult to know which tool or solution will be the most effective one to use. The problem is compounded when you look at the fact that not only are we going through a technological transformation with respect to mobile technology, but we also are undergoing one with our latest generations of employees (i.e. Millennials and GenZers) who are starting to demand that we communicate with them in different ways.

I had the pleasure of being joined by two great communications professionals, Erin Frostad, from Mohegan Sun and Daisy Wakefield from Menasha Corporation at a webinar hosted by, that took place on September 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm ET.  The webinar, titled: Tools of the Trade: An internal communicator’s guide to reaching all employees, brought those in attendance up to date on the current landscape of technology for communications professionals, especially when it comes to engaging with our most important audience – employees.  If you were unable to attend, you can click the link below to access a replay of the webinar.

View a recording of the webinar!

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