Mobile technology is the key to employee engagement and communications with Generation Z workforce.

by Jeff Corbin | November 8, 2017

As part of our marketing and thought leadership activities at APPrise Mobile, we regularly conduct research on topics relating to employee engagement and communications. It’s important not only that we understand trends relevant to the work we do in internal communications, but also topics that our clients and others are interested in.

For example, we recently partnered with the Public Relations Society of America and conducted research regarding trends in the use of technology by communications professionals. The purpose of this was to establish a baseline understanding of how new technologies are being used by organizations to communicate with both internal and external audiences. The ultimate finding of this research was that the PR industry is relatively slow to change and to adopt new strategies in their work. We will revisit this research again next year with the PRSA. Our hope is that the industry will improve.

We also recently conducted a Google Consumer Survey of 1,000 workplace managers to understand their early views and impressions of the newest generation of employees to hit the workforce, Generation Z (born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000’s). A press release summarizing the findings can be found here. One of the conclusions of this research was that managers in business are nervous about these new workers and believe that they may prove difficult to manage.

As we hoped, the survey results were mentioned by several reputable publications that speak to human resource and business professionals (CNBC, The Society for Human Resource Management; HR Daily Advisor; and HR Dive).

There was a very specific reason why we conducted research about Generation Z and the workplace. As a mobile technology company serving the communications and HR industry, it’s important for professionals in these industries to be sensitized as to what’s going on as well as to be prepared for what’s to come. To the extent Generation Z relies on mobile technology for almost everything they do and never knew a day without an iPhone or Android, it’s important for the professionals serving them (i.e. communications and HR professionals) to consider new ways of doing things in the workplace. The research also validates the importance of and need for tools like theEMPLOYEEapp. Like it or not, change is upon us and it’s incumbent upon industries (like PR and HR) that have been around for generations to adapt to what’s new lest they find themselves out of business similar to industries like video rental, taxi hailing and brick and mortar bookstores.

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