Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, could have used an internal communications app for his message to employees.

by Jeff Corbin | February 1, 2017

Goldman Sachs and the Landline Telephone – Voicemail . . . Really?

If you’re like me, I know what’s on your mind.  It’s amazing what’s going on in our country following President Trump’s inauguration.  I have my thoughts on the situation that I don’t feel are necessary to share with you here.  However, I would like to share with you how interesting I am finding it that so many CEOs of companies across so many industries are taking to their soapboxes to communicate their views on the immigration situation and the effect that it is having on their employees, many who come from other countries.

As a communications professional now working in the technology world, I can’t help but take note of the methodologies/means they are using to communicate their messages to their employees.  Take for example Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.  Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that he left a voicemail for all 34,000 employees of the company denouncing what the Trump administration is doing and the fact that the move is not one that the company supports especially given its many employees who are not from the U.S. and who are so valuable and critical to the company’s success.

In my role as CEO of a mobile technology company, I found the use of voicemail a very strange way to communicate with such a large workforce – especially in the year 2017.  I understand that a large percentage of Goldman employees sit at desks with hardline telephone devices and direct dial numbers.  But what about the front-line workers that work in their cafeterias or the maintenance professionals who don’t?  And beyond Goldman Sachs – what about the thousands of companies around the world who need to communicate with and get important information immediately into the hands of hundreds of millions of non-deskbound, disconnected and front-line employees?

Implementing an internal communications app would have been a more effective way to get Mr. Blankfein’s message to all employees. The employees would also enjoy the benefits of having vital company information at their fingertips.

No doubt Mr. Blankfein’s intention was correct and commendable.  However, the question should be asked whether the end result of what he was hoping to accomplish was as effective as it could be?

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