by Jeff Corbin | February 20, 2018

How I Communicated That – Episode 1: What’s Next in 2018

I had such a great time interviewing Lisa Ryan of executive recruiting firm, Heyman Associates, for the premiere episode of our new podcast, How I Communicated That!  As you may be aware, we at APPrise Mobile are partnering with the Public Relations Society of America on this new initiative to introduce communications professionals to industry leaders so that they can always be up to date on what is going on in PR as well as hear about interesting anecdotes, case studies, real life lessons, and leave the podcast with practical takeaways.

During Episode 1, Lisa and I had a chance to discuss those trends that communications professionals should know and think about when considering a job in the communications industry.  And who better to understand what is going on than someone who spends her day consulting for companies looking to fill corporate communications and PR positions.

Here are a few things Lisa and I spoke about:

Ideal Candidates:  Of course, being strategic is important.  But regardless of experience, tactics matter.  All candidates need to be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get the work done.

Intangibles Matter:  It’s not all about experience and what work you have done in the past.  Having a positive attitude, and being kind, and humble can really go a long way in ensuring you make a positive impression.

Communication in the Digital Age:  Communications professionals need to keep up with the current technological trends.  Regardless of generation, there is a need to rethink the way PR and internal communication planning is done.  People are consuming content differently today and therefore the work that PR/Comms pros do must change accordingly.

To learn more, listen to the entire episode of How I Communicated That!  The podcast will initially be available on the PRSA Member App so if you don’t already have it, be sure to click here from your Apple device or here from your Android device to download it.  And be sure to join us next month when we will be interviewing Eileen Sheil, Executive Director of Corporate Communications at the Cleveland Clinic on the importance of storytelling to the future of communications.

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