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by Jeff Corbin | July 26, 2017

Mobile Hubs are Shaping the Future of the Digital Workplace

Once again, APPrise Mobile has been mentioned by Gartner as one of the technology companies to keep an eye out for when it comes to mobile enterprise solutions and the digital workplace!

In a recent report (July 17, 2017) entitled, “Hype Cycle for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2017,” analyst Monica Basso discusses the concept of companies having a “mobile hub” where they are able to

“aggregate content and functions under a single pane of glass, in a mobile app. On the back end, they integrate with corporate systems through an intermediate server or cloud component. They gather content from multiple sources and aggregate them into a single view for a smarter user experience.”

When you think about it, how many workplace apps can a company expect their employees to download to their mobile device, especially if it’s their own and not company provided?  Probably not too many.  However, if there were a way to combine content and workplace tools and functions (e.g. benefits portals, scheduling tools, etc.) in a single workplace app and do so in a way where the end-user experience is simple, excellent, and makes the life of the employee better and more efficient, then this question becomes moot.

Gartner says in the report, “[w]hen hundreds of apps, tens of cloud services and millions of documents are all accessible through one device, the user experience degrades and complexity affects productivity and collaboration.” However, by embracing the concept of having a “mobile hub,” companies can “raise mobile workers’ productivity and engagement within the workplace, and externally with customers and partners.”

At APPrise Mobile, the development and overarching purpose of theEMPLOYEEapp is to allow employees to easily consume content that is important to them through their mobile device.  Whether that content is documents, multi-media, an employee’s pay stub or weekly schedule, our purpose is two-fold: to provide companies with a workplace app software that allows them to quickly, cost effectively and with little IT involvement implement a mobile internal communications strategy; and to allow employees to have an easy way to access information that is important to them through the small screens of their Apple and Android devices.

To access the Gartner report, you can click here.

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