by Jeff Corbin | August 18, 2015

Amazon has a serious PR problem on its hands. And it’s not with regard to books or other items it sells through its online department store. Rather, it’s about how it treats its employees.

An organization’s employees are undoubtedly its most important audience. Without employees, companies can’t do business or exist. It is for this reason that employee engagement has become such an important topic among communications and HR professionals over the past few years. As pointed out in the Gallup Organization’s State of the American Workplace survey, disengaged employees cost U.S. businesses almost $550 billion in lost productivity every year.

So what can Amazon do to help itself? While there are no silver bullets, they should consider how to better communicate with their employees . . . and, in particular, take advantage of the one thing that its employees have in common – a mobile technology.

Recently, I was interviewed by the MentorMe Community on the subject of employee communications, engagement and our mobile solution, theEMPLOYEEapp. I hope you (and maybe someone at Amazon) will download and listen to the podcast below where I talk about:

  • How companies are communicating with their employees
  • Why internal communications is so important for businesses
  • How businesses can better connect their employees through mobile technology
  • And much more!

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