by Jeff Corbin | April 15, 2015

Using surveys to boost employee satisfaction.

Gathering employee feedback is critical to helping a small business achieve its goals. Without a formal Human Resources department in place, many small business owners and their limited staffs tend to be the ones who end up responsible for employment matters and decisions. It’s been shown that when employees aren’t engaged in their work, it negatively impacts company culture AND the bottom line. The latest Gallup survey on Employee Engagement found that the majority of employees, 51%, are not engaged members of the workforce. In order to boost engagement and employee satisfaction, business owners should communicate with their workers and develop or modify their internal communications strategy based on the feedback they receive.

An effective way to gather feedback from employees is through anonymous surveys. These allow companies to obtain answers to questions that employees might not feel comfortable addressing in face-to-face conversations.  Surveying employees not only helps business owners resolve issues in an efficient manner, but also gives workers the chance to express their opinions on the direction of company strategy, management and policy. Surveys can also be effective since there are numerous means to distribute them.  They can be shared through a variety of channels, from direct email for desk workers, to QR codes on signage in break rooms, to their mobile device using a push notification alert or link within an employee app. Simply giving employees a voice within the company can improve employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement.

More and more businesses are recognizing the value of using surveys in an effort to create a more positive work environment. Creating monthly or even quarterly surveys can allow management to make better decisions for its company. And, will also allow for an open line of communication with employees that should go a long way towards establishing loyalty and causing them to want to go the extra mile to succeed.

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