1 Minute Wisdom: How to Leverage Professional Networks

1 Minute Wisdom: How to Leverage Professional Networks

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Hi everybody, my name is Renee Quade. I am a Client Success Account Manager at theEMPLOYEEapp.

How to Leverage Professional Networks

As an internal communications professional, I highly recommend leveraging professional networks.

I think networking is so important because a lot of times you feel like you’re alone even if you have a team that you work with that are great. A lot of times in your specific job, you’re the only one doing it. So, if you join these networks you will be with other people and be able to use them as a soundboard that are in your specific position.

So if you go to an event that has other professionals in your area of expertise, I recommend getting their information and following them on LinkedIn.

And then I also recommend going on Linkedin and Facebook and just finding groups of your peers.

A few groups that I recommend that you follow on LinkedIn. One of them is the Employee Communications and Engagement and Experience group. Another group that I follow that I get a lot of things from is the Internal Communications Best Practices group.

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