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5 Tactics to Elevate Your Internal Comms Strategy

5 Tactics to Elevate Your Internal Comms Strategy

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Last updated on July 11, 2022 at 03:47 pm

Today on ICTV, we are going to share the top five internal comms tactics you need for a successful internal communications strategy.

First, connect ALL employees through communication. 

It’s up to you to establish direct communication channels that reach all employees, especially your frontline or deskless workers. While it’s important to share important information with leadership first, don’t solely rely on managers to cascade communication down to other employees. If you can create a direct line of communication to all employees, you’ll be able to control the messaging and the tone consistently, every time.

Second, train managers to be effective communicators. 

While there needs to be a means of direct communication with frontline employees, managers need to be queued up on what communication is coming and clear on their role in supporting those messages. Two-thirds of managers report being uncomfortable communicating with their employees (Harvard Business Review) and managers make up 70% of the variance in employee engagement (Gallup). This makes it incredibly important to give your managers the support they need to communicate and manage their teams effectively.

Third, create authentic leadership communication. 

We know employees want more authentic comms, which means ghostwriting for your C-Suite just isn’t going to cut it. Look for ways to create genuine leadership communication with your executives by utilizing video or podcasts.

Fourth, empower employees to create communication.

Of course, it’s up to you to control the flow and channels of comms in your organization. While we’d like to think we can speak for all employees, we actually can’t replicate the voice of the frontline. So, open the door for more employees to contribute to content creation. It’s a win-win: less content for you to create and more relatable messaging for your employees.

And finally, shift from engagement to activation. 

Yes, you need employees to read, watch, and engage with communication, but what happens after that? Analyze and quantify the effectiveness of your efforts. And then, if you need, adjust what you’re doing.

Get the new year off to a great start by following these 5 key tactics in your 2022 comms plan.

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