How to Form Partnerships with Senior Leadership (and Why You Must Do It)

How to Form Partnerships with Senior Leadership (and Why You Must Do It)

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Last updated on February 7, 2022 at 05:19 pm

Host: On this episode of ICTV, Suzanne Caballero, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications for Joyson Safety Systems is back to talk about how she has formed strong partnerships with her senior leaders and why that’s so important.

Suzanne: Part of it has to do with time, establishing relationships over time, earning trust. Part of that has to do with results, right? The ability to execute, do a good job and do it again, or make adjustments and take feedback myself. I also know that the more I can multiply that with other key communicators in the organization, the better reach we have as a leadership team. I also think part of being successful is showing my value to the team about what service I can provide.

I’ll give you a great example. One of our major strategic initiatives focuses on quality mindset. And the messaging behind that is every day, everyone is responsible for quality. So, one of the ways we’ve been able to prove value out of the communications angle is, how can we support that directive of a quality mindset from a communications perspective?

And we do it in a way that they may not even realize. But we understand their priorities and we do something about it. And we’re relentless in that pursuit to improve how, where, and when we message, and is it working?

If you can reach someone and make them stand a little taller with the work they’re doing, with a good message that reminds them that their job is important and why it’s important, particularly because we make automotive safety components, then I’ve done my job supporting a functional leader under the same umbrella of the quality mindset.

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