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Measurement Part 3: Getting Started With Measurement

Measurement Part 3: Getting Started With Measurement

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Last updated on July 11, 2022 at 03:47 pm

Host: Today on ICTV, Sean Williams, communications and analytics expert, sheds light on how to get started with measurement to assess the impact of your internal employee communications strategy on your company’s objectives.

Measure What You Can

Sean Williams: You want to do what’s possible. Ideally, all of us would do marketing, mixed modeling, advanced statistics, and we’d be able to account for every conceivable input into what people are thinking, feeling, and doing out there in the enterprise, right?

So when the CEO said, “How much should it cost us to generate that level of awareness among our employees?”

We’d be able to say, “Here’s the cost.”

But there are so many different inputs that it’s really hard to isolate any specific tactic. We say “Get started with what’s possible”, which may mean that you’re going to count clips at the beginning.

Internal Comms Measurement Example

For example, at one company where I worked, we instituted this process even well before the research happened. One of the things we did is, we said we want to just get a feel for what the content is we’re producing and what it’s about. So we did a content analysis of what it is we are covering. What they did is they went through everything on the intranet over the course of two years, and then they counted the number of stories that applied to geographic business units.

What we found is in an organization that aspired to be a global company, about 90% of the content was based in and about the United States. So when we looked at the statistics, it was no surprise that 98% of traffic was coming from the US. People just didn’t think there was anything that would be relevant for them going to that intranet. As a consequence, a company that was in 90 countries had like 80 different employee intranets. We started with that sort of simple thing of like where are we now given our aspirations and what our strategy says, what are we covering now?

So then we created our plan. And we said we wanted a more accurate representation of the geographic and business footprint of our company reflected in our material. As a consequence of that, we were able to actually create a strategy, and start doing that. And in the first year, we flipped that from about 90% U.S. to about 40% U.S. We actually tripled the overall traffic to the intranet within two years. And there was actual proof that what we had done had begun having an impact on the way people thought and believed and felt about the organization.

Key Takeaways

So, if you take nothing else away from this discussion, it’s to:

  • Get the objectives right
  • Do what you can do
  • And then go out and take a look at the standards.

And see how the internal employee communication measurement standards can relate to your organization. When you align your strategy with the outputs, outcomes, and business impact then you increase dramatically your relevancy. You make yourself less of the person who does the intranet and much more the person who helps the organization meet its business objectives.

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