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Why a Communications Channel Assessment is Vital to Your Organization

Why a Communications Channel Assessment is Vital to Your Organization

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Last updated on July 11, 2022 at 03:46 pm

Communications Channel Assessment Basics

When you’re looking at this channel assessment, you want to think about:

  • What do my people have today?
  • What communication am I giving to them?
  • What’s the frequency that I want them to be able to access it?
  • Do I need other channels?

Why Does a Channel Assessment Matter?

If you think about somebody who is getting out of college right now, they’ve had access to information and communication 24/7 pretty much for as long as they remember. And so when they come into a job for the first time and all of a sudden they’re restricted to accessing information on an Intranet, through a VPN firewall, only between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm—all of a sudden, they feel incredibly restricted, right? They can’t get to everything they need knowing that they also have a job to do all day long.

And if there’s something we’ve seen coming out of the pandemic it’s the timeliness of communication, right? If you’re limited right now to face-to-face, email, or even print as your channels of communication, you might be really setting some of your employees up for failure.

And so, it becomes critical to look at all of the different avenues that I can get a message out to my employees so they can get to that need-to-know, critical information when they’re on the job, but they can also get to that nice-to-know information that helps them feel connected to the organization any time they want and need to.

So, it’s really important to take the time to look at all of those channels. Look at who has access to them. And find out where your gaps are.

Why Leaders Should Care

And this comes back to leadership. They might think “Everything is going great. I know everything that’s going on, the people around me seem to know everything that’s going on”. But if they don’t take a look at all of the different people in the organization, the different places they sit, and the different information that they have access to, they’ll realize that they’re missing a lot of really critical pieces within that. Being able to show that gap is a key to being able to put together a proposal to make changes. A lot of these tools are going to require some element of budget, and that can be a difficult thing to get for a communicator.

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To learn more about conducting a communications channel assessment and other comms fundamentals, check out the Thinkcurity Webinar Internal Communication 101: Best Practices for Security Teams.

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