by Kelly Gooch | June 1, 2017

Many healthcare organizations face challenges with employee communication, according to a new survey by APPrise Mobile.

For the survey, researchers asked 60 healthcare communications professionals about their organization’s practices related to employee engagement. Survey participants came from various departments within their organizations, including corporate communications/internal communications, marketing and human resources, among others.

Here are four key takeaways from the survey.

1. Nearly all survey respondents (96 percent) believe effective internal communications plays a critical role in employee engagement. However, the survey found nearly 80 percent find employee engagement to be difficult.

2. According to the survey, healthcare communications professionals find it difficult to communicate with employees for a myriad of reasons. Seventy-five percent said they are “too busy dealing with patient or other work related issues”; 60 percent said “long shifts with odd hours make communications a challenge”; and 53 percent “are frontline caring for patients and don’t sit at a desk with access to a computer.”

3. Outside of email, 33 percent of respondents said corporate intranet is the most effective method for employee communication. Twenty-eight percent said a mobile app is most effective.

4. More than half of respondents (57 percent) said their organization does not use social media to communicate with employees. This compares to 43 percent of respondents who said their organization uses the platform.

Read the full survey results here.

This article was originally posted on May 31, 2017:

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