by Fred Donovan | May 13, 2016

fiercemobileit (1)Mobility is a key aspect of effective digital workplace communication, according to a survey of 250 public relations professionals by the Public Relations Society of America and APPrise Mobile released on Thursday.

Despite mobile apps being used only 14 percent of the time, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents said they are effective tools. In addition, 61 percent of respondents identified SMS/messaging as an effective tool, but only 35 percent said they use consistently use messaging, according to an infographic summarizing the survey results.

Of course, APPrise Mobile has an interest in highlighting the shift to mobile in the workplace. But the high degree of support for mobile tools among respondents can’t be ignored.

As Jeff Corbin, CEO and Founder of APPrise Mobile said, “As the workplace evolves and Millennials continue to comprise the vast majority of the workforce, the importance of communicating and engaging with employees has never been more important. There is definitely a shift taking place from ‘old school’ and legacy communications solutions like email and corporate intranets to newer, more mobile friendly tools.”

For the full size infographic, click here.

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