by theEMPLOYEEapp | November 29, 2017

New Communications App Helps rue21 with Employee Communication

In the world of fast fashion, employee communication is essential for success. With the busy retail season, employees must work together to deliver the best results to keep consumers happy.

With 760 stores throughout the U.S., rue21 understands the importance of efficient employee communication. Looking to create a cohesive internal communication strategy with the advancing technological landscape, they realized the great opportunity in mobile communication. It was then that they decided to team up with APPrise Mobile to launch a branded employee communications app called rueStore. The new app allowed corporate leaders to better communicate with their majority millennial workforce in individual stores through mobile devices.

Jeff Corbin, APPriseā€™s founder and CEO, commended rue21 for being a pioneer in implementing a mobile communications app. rue21 approached APPrise Mobile in early 2016, when mobile communication as an internal communication strategy was relatively unheard of.

“The concept of having a branded app through which to communicate and engage with a front-line workforce was a new one. Once they saw theEMPLOYEEapp platform and realized how quick and cost-effective it was to implement a mobile employee communications and engagement strategy, they made a quick decision to work with us,” Corbin told FierceRetail.

The mobile communications app is meant to work in any retail environment, ranging from organizations with large part-time workforces to those without a corporate email.

This is also just the beginning–the importance of mobile in employee communications will continue to grow. A recent study conducted theEMPLOYEEapp revealed that mobile tech will be the future in delivering instantaneous employee communication to Generation Z.

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