by Becky Frith | July 2, 2015

Nearly half (45%) of workers think that their employer does not communicate with them well enough, according to research from theEMPLOYEEapp. 

hrOne-third (33%) of respondents said they would like their employer to communicate with them more, and more than two-thirds (68%) said the frequency of communications by their employer directly impacts their job satisfaction.

The report, Mobile Trends in the Workplace, also looked at the communications methods employers use. Eighty per cent communicate in person, 50% by phone, and almost nine in 10 (89%) use email, making this the most popular method.

However, 30% of employees said that they tend to ignore emails from their employer.

Jeff Corbin, founder and CEO of APPrise Mobile, which developed and operates theEMPLOYEEapp, said employers need to think more carefully about matching communication platforms to worker demographics.

“Half of the respondents to the survey identified themselves as part of the Millennial or Gen X generations. And it is well-established that these groups are growing and will constitute the vast majority of the workforce in the coming years.

“Since these individuals grew up with a cell phone in their hand and are accustomed to having instant access to information, communications solutions like mobile apps, social collaboration and messaging tools need be considered if a company is serious about engaging with its employees.” 

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