by apprisedev | March 5, 2014

By Jeff Corbin, the COMMSapp

Employee engagement is a serious issue in the workplace, particularly for those with dispersed workforces. It is challenging for an employee who works remotely from a laptop, tablet or smartphone 3,000 miles away to feel included in a company’s culture.

According to the Gallup organization, 70 percent of American workers are disengaged. This lack of engagement costs employers between $450 billion and $550 billion annually. Engagement problems are often attributed to the way employers communicate with their staff, which is cause for a reevaluation of the strategies, tactics and channels used to connect with employees.

One engagement channel that has been overlooked until recently is the mobile device. Mobile has become the common communications bond connecting workers. IDC reports that from June 2011 to June 2012, smartphones used at work increased from 7 to 60 percent. Today, that number is even larger.

By using a native app on the mobile device, companies can streamline communications and push critical information to boost engagement and provide employees with access to company information simultaneously. Content can be pushed directly to employees instantaneously. Employees can view content immediately or download it to view offline at a later time.

To the extent that employee engagement is a problem facing corporate America, mobile provides a solution that internal communications professionals should consider in 2014 to stay better connected to their workforce.

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