by apprisedev | November 4, 2014

By Stephanie Blanchard, Digital Editor

Mobile Enterprise: Push Content in an Instant

“The last time the communications industry had anything revolutionary was when the internet became commercialized,” said Jeff Corbin, CEO, KCSA Strategic Communications, in an interview with Mobile Enterprise. Yet a lot has changed since everyone and their dog rushed to put up a website. Now, individuals are pretty much married to their smartphones and tablets. And as a result, an employee will likely check a mobile device for news, not the desktop.

Where does that leave the enterprise when it comes to disseminating information among its ranks? Enter the new paradigm.

“Employees are not sitting behind a desk,” Corbin said. Indeed, according to Global Workplace Analytics, 64 million U.S. employees are eligible to be remote, at least part of the time (and full-time telecommuting is certainly going up, especially during the last five years.) It is safe to say that 50% of the country’s workforce is not chained to a cubicle every day of the week.

But how do companies simultaneously, consistently push content to individuals scattered around North America? The intranet is not exactly the solution for mobile devices.

Formerly a corporate attorney, and a communications professional for 15 years, Corbin decided to answer that question. theCOMMSapp was recently launched to provide a new platform that empowers enterprises to deliver targeted content via a branded-app.

Available for iOS and Android, the platform can push content in seconds, whether it’s information on emergencies or bad industry news that is breaking – the kind that can negatively affect sales personnel about to make a presentation. Instead of embarrassing themselves with old information, sales teams can quickly receive new talking points. Likewise, no one has to carry around a file cabinet when meeting with hundreds of different prospects because all the information is right there, easily accessible from the mobile device.

Human resource issues can also be addressed through announcements, or news distributed regarding current events and internal issues that affect the business. General communications from the enterprise also keeps everyone connected, especially when many are not in headquarters.

The ability to include audio and video messages is also key: the visual generates buzz among employees, and can help shape a company-wide culture. Going even further, the new platform enables corporate communication professionals to make fast decisions (which promotes autonomy), without getting bogged down in process. “IT, security, no one wants to deal with each other,” Corbin said. “Our platform is completely independent of a company’s organizational system.”

Using the same native app technology as theIRapp, which allows public companies to communicate directly with its investors, theCOMMSapp was designed so an app can be published in a matter of weeks, without the need for costly and lengthy design processes or corporate IT department involvement.

The subscription-based service includes a Content Management System that simplifies the uploading of content and pushing to app-using audiences.

Key features:

  • Live stream conference calls and other live events and presentations
  • Share content across social channels and email
  • Download content for offline viewing
  • Google Analytics for companies to measure reach and use of content
  • Add events to a calendar
  • Privacy policy controls

Going forward, enterprises will either adapt to the new mobile world, or risk getting stuck in time. But that’s a cliche. Here’s the real takeaway: when employees are engaged, the company itself becomes engaging, a competitive advantage in a marketplace that moves. 

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