by Dean Essner | June 30, 2017

Internal and external communication has never been so convenient for PR professionals.

Looking to quickly share a file with a co-worker? You can message them on Slack. Trying to give your followers insight into the conference you’re attending? You can live-tweet it. Technology helps to simplify and facilitate connections — all communications professionals have to do is implement these new innovations in their workflow.

However, a new survey conducted by PRSA and theEMPLOYEEapp by APPrise mobile — an internal communications and employee engagement mobile technology — shows that while companies have embraced social media as an effective way to connect with external audiences, they are still relying on older, more established technologies such as email to communicate internally with employees.

In total, 628 communications professionals of varying tenure, industry, age demographic and agency/in-house designation participated in the study, which was compiled via a SurveyMonkey poll largely composed of PRSA members.

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