by apprisedev | June 2, 2014

Organizations can increase employee engagement and reduce lost revenue by embracing the proliferation of mobile, according to theEMPLOYEEapp’s 2014 Employee Communications Satisfaction Survey.

Technology is already transforming today’s work environment: Only half (53 percent) of the employees surveyed spend the majority of their time behind a desk.

However, 96 percent of those surveyed already possess a mobile device. While 42 percent were provided with such a device by their employer, 66 percent of those who purchased one on their own still use it for work-related purposes.

“[Mobile] presents an immediate solution for employers to connect with and directly engage with this audience,” Jeff Corbin, founder and CEO of theCOMMSapp, said in a release. (Corbin also recently spoke at the PRSA Connect 14 Conference in Chicago.)

New ways to engage

But not all current communications methodologies are well-suited for mobile.

According to the survey, email is the most common way in which employees receive company news (93.4 percent). And while the majority of respondents prefer this method (87 percent), it may be due to a lack of better options.

For instance, 82 percent of those who receive information through corporate Intranets reported that they either have never tried to access this channel via their mobile device or had trouble doing so.

“Trying to make legacy systems responsive to the mobile device is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole,” Corbin said.

Additionally, email overload means important messages are getting lost in the clutter. This is cause for concern, as 65 percent of respondents said employer-employee communications impact their job satisfaction.

Until organizations transition to a “mobile first” communications strategy, they are missing an opportunity to directly connect with their employees.

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