Casual employee communication at work.

by theEMPLOYEEapp | May 3, 2019

The Tips and Pitfalls You Need to Know

Until recently, the majority of companies have been relying on outdated and ineffective methods to communicate with their employees. Even though employee satisfaction is now beginning to receive the attention it deserves, many organizations are turning to employee engagement or advocacy solutions with the intent of giving deskless employees what they want.

In actuality, what this often marginalized segment of the workforce wants is employee communication technology that gives them easy access to important company information that helps them succeed in their work. Organizations that have implemented solutions such as a mobile app remain ahead of the curve when it comes to fostering stronger relationships with their employees. To ensure that those building an employee communication program are set up for success, it is important to keep these 5 tips in mind:

  • Assess and streamline channels
  • Emphasize the “need-to-knows”
  • Make your content interactive
  • Include the leadership team early on
  • Always target content

As crucial as it is to be knowledgeable about those 5 tips and tricks for a successful internal communications strategy, communicators must beware of these 5 pitfalls that can undo or hurt the progress you’ve made in building your employee communication strategy:

  • Pushing the social agenda first
  • Assuming what employees want
  • Bombarding employees with push notifications
  • Never evolving the content to fit the app
  • Mass communication

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