Version 9.3 to employee engagement app helps increase connectivity in workforce.

by Jeff Corbin | July 17, 2017

APPrise Mobile has always placed great importance on connecting and communicating with employees because we know how crucial it is to individual and overall company success. With today’s release of Version 9.3 to our employee engagement app, we have made it even easier for companies to increase connectivity and engagement giving companies even more ways to connect with their employees than ever before.

Our development at APPrise Mobile is a direct result of our clients’ feedback and how they believe they can get the most out of having a solution that allows them to simultaneously and instantaneously communicate, engage and get information to their employees.

With the latest update, theEMPLOYEEapp now allows for “Mobile Upload” – the ability for those with permission to upload videos and pictures to the app directly from their Apple or Androids – just like they are used to with traditional social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Anything from an important HR training video to a picture of a fun Friday in the office can now be posted to a company’s app immediately. Not only can the incorporation of multimedia add a personal touch to the app, but it can be a more engaging, and therefore effective, way to push out internal content.

The other major update in Version 9.3 is an enhanced PDF viewer. This viewer increases an employee’s ability to interact with documents because it allows for form filling, document signing as well as text-based note taking. From training purposes to filling out PTO forms, theEMPLOYEEapp can now play an even more practical role in the digital workplace.

Our latest update contains a number of other key functionality improvements designed to enhance the company administrator and employee engagement app experience. To learn more about these features or to see the entire platform from start to finish, contact us today to request an online demonstration.

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