by GraphW | January 24, 2017

The competition for winning new business is fierce, particularly in the financial services sector. And as brokerage, financial advisory, mortgage and insurance professionals can attest, having information readily and easily available, can make the difference between winning or losing to the competition.

With employees spending more time on the road than in front of desktop computers, theEMPLOYEEapp helps financial services firms organize and make available information that’s critical to their employees 24/7 directly from their Apple, Android and other web-enabled devices.  Whether its client facing information like updated policies and regulations to sales materials constantly being updated, financial services organizations now have the ability to make sure all employees have the information they need right in the palm of their hands.

Companies in the financial services industry using theEMPLOYEEapp include:  Lexington Partners, Barings Capital, Sedgwick Claims Management, CapinCrouse and more.

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