by Jeff Corbin | July 3, 2018

Case Study:  Mohegan Sun Engages Deskless Workforce with Company Employee App

The challenge of effectively communicating with the deskless worker is one that is becoming increasingly prevalent in many industries, from manufacturing to hospitality; retail to hospitals and trucking/logistics. The reality is that there are 2.4 billion individuals in the global workforce who do not have access to or use a desktop computer in their work and many are not given a company email address.  As one of the largest hospitality destinations in the United States, Mohegan Sun was confronted with this challenge when it came to getting important information directly into the hands of its workforce of 11,000, 80% of whom make up these frontline, deskless workers.

Prior internal communications strategies made it difficult for Mohegan Sun to quantify the impact of each message and to know for certain that information was actually being received by its employees.  As one of its strategies to overcome this challenge, Mohegan Sun partnered with theEMPLOYEEapp by APPrise Mobile to deploy “Mohegan Today,” its company-branded mobile app that aggregates important internal communications, workplace tools and allows it to engage with its employees.  Taking its internal communications strategy mobile has allowed Mohegan Sun to reach the largest percentage of its employees possible and ensure that everyone in the company, across all locations, has access to the same tools and information. Over a short period of time, Mohegan Today has become the company’s main source for communicating with its deskless workforce.

At the upcoming 5th Annual ALI Strategic Internal Communications Conference in Boston, Erin Frostad, Employee Communications & Involvement Manager at Mohegan Sun, will speak about Mohegan Today. In her session she will discuss her experience introducing and leveraging mobile technology to communicate and engage with a dispersed, multi-generational workforce.  If you are interested in attending, click here. Also, to read the full case study about Mohegan Today and for a preview of what Erin will speak about, click here.

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