Using mobile apps on a tablet and smart phone.

by Jeff Corbin | June 7, 2017

Is Business Insider Onto Something New (or are they just reading my blog)?

Please read my blog from April 3, 2017 (The Samsung S8 and Nostradamus).

Now read a portion of my remarks (below) from the first client summit of theEMPLOYEEapp that took place on May 1-2, 2017 in NYC:

What I have been saying and writing about for nearly 3 years is starting to prove true; computing as we know it today, and particularly PC computing, is going to become obsolete – maybe not in the next few years but definitely not much longer. Just like mobile technology has proliferated so quickly over the past few years, there’s a good chance that computers of today will be gone tomorrow. If PCs eventually disappear, then the software and programs written for them will also go away.  By understanding that apps are really software with code written specifically for the operating systems of the Apple and Android operating systems, you will not have to worry about being left in the past.

Now take a look at this article dated May 24, 2017 from Business Insider.

What’s the take-away?  If you think computing will always be about Microsoft, Dell, Gateway (do they exist anymore?) and the tower CPU sitting under your desk, you need to move on.

To be ahead of the game and not scramble when the entire world finally realizes that their computer experience (on mobile) is lousy, develop native – develop mobile apps (i.e. software) that work on devices that support Apple and Google’s operating systems. The user experience is always going to be better.  That’s why Microsoft succumbed and developed its Office suite of solutions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to be able to work on the technology of its arch rival (Apple).

For those non-techies (I used to be one of them) – what I am talking about is what software represents.  It’s the programs that allow us, as consumers, to have a great experience working on computers.  If the software doesn’t work well or the user experience is lousy, no one is going to use it.  And to avoid this, it requires that the software be compatible with the computer supporting it.  Forget responsive designed websites or attempts at contriving legacy systems and corporate intranets into a 2×4 inch screen of an iPhone or Android – it’s quickly becoming a lame excuse for not wanting to spend money or rethink current practices and where technology is heading.

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