by Jeff Corbin | April 14, 2015

Last week, APPrise Mobile teamed up with the PRSA Employee Communications section for a Twitter chat to discuss ways to effectively implement a communications strategy and boost engagement in a workforce that is constantly on the go. Cyndy Trivella, our guest host, brought 15 years of experience in HR, Marketing and Communications to the chat and was joined by dozens of communications professionals who shared their expertise and thoughts on different ways organizations are communicating with employees. Participants also asked questions that guided the conversation, and which often focused on common challenges and struggles.

Jeff Corbin discuses employee engagement in a mobile world through a Twitter chat.





By the end of the chat, the consensus was clear: communicators see that mobile presents a unique opportunity to proactively engage a workforce that is spread across different time zones and, in many cases, is no longer confined to a desk. Several participants brought up the benefit of native mobile apps, particularly in terms of the value of features like push notifications to internal communications; this functionality allows important information to be pushed directly to the home screens of employees’ mobile devices and was viewed as particularly beneficial for crisis and emergency communications. Mobile has the potential to be a game changer for employee engagement and corporate communications, and those organizations that have embraced mobile as an employee engagement channel are already seeing the benefits in their workforce.



We’ve included some additional highlights from our #PRSAChat below. To catch up on the full conversation, and add your thoughts, search #PRSAchat on Twitter.  Make sure to stay up to date with us on Twitter @APPrise Mobile for future social events!




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