by Jeff Corbin | May 16, 2016

Kudos to the PRSA employee communications section!

I’m sitting here in flight back to NY from Dallas having just attended the PRSA Connect 16 Employee Communications Conference and I have to say that the event was awesome!  I want to say thank you to the very unique group of employee communications and engagement professionals, who are volunteers and members of the Public Relations Society of America, for arranging the great lineup of speakers, incredibly well organized agenda of networking / learning events and fantastic food.  This was our third year as a sponsor – our first as the Platinum Sponsor.

We launched theEMPLOYEEapp at this conference in 2014 (Connect 14). At that time, communications professionals were just starting to think about how to incorporate mobile technology as a strategy for engaging with and distributing content/information to their employees. At that time, no one could really fathom the fact that in just a couple of years, pretty much everyone would have one (or several) Apple, Android or other web-enabled mobile devices.  As someone who ran a PR firm for more than a decade, I knew something transformative was in the making.  However, I didn’t know how long it would take for what in 2014 was a “nice-to-have” to become a “need-to-have” solution.

The many conversations that we had with all of the communications professionals were overwhelming.  Throughout the many sessions, mobile was mentioned in the same breath as “old school” technologies like email and intranets.

How psyched am I?  We have developed a turn-key technology that allows non-tech savvy, business unit professionals to get their messages, content and key information into the hands of pretty much every employee instantaneously all while being able to do it quickly, cost-effectively and without major hand-holding from IT. And, we are solving a problem that is endemic in the ever increasing, disparate and digital workplace where front-line workers are not sitting in front of desktop computers; businesses can’t communicate with employees who don’t have corporate email addresses; and decades old intranets that just don’t work on the small screens of the mobile device.

Thanks again PRSA Connect 16!  Sign us up for Connect 17.

Update on May 23, 2016:

Chuck Gose, Founder of Internal Comms podcast ICology, interviewed me as we discussed the various topics being covered at the event, as well as how theEMPLOYEEapp aims to solve the challenge that many employee communications professionals face. Click below to listen to my section of the podcast.


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