by Jeff Corbin | February 27, 2015

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Skyrocket Your Global Communications – Think Mobile First

Global communications are vital to expanding your business, and mobile is the key. The year 2014 marked a huge milestone for mobile technology and communications. This huge tenchonology boom aligns with Mary Meeker’s somewhat shocking 2008 prediction (“mobile to overtake fixed internet access by 2014”), Americans used smartphones and tablets for more than half of their internet usage, surpassing PCs for the first time. A majority of that usage was app-based. And this trend is not limited to the United States, or even to developed economies.

Mobile internet usage worldwide accounts for 52.2 percent of internet traffic in 2018. Not to mention that mobile accounts for 65.1 percent of web traffic in Asia, and 59.5 percent in Africa.

Consider this: In India, there are 120 million smartphone users. That number is double what it was less than two years ago. In South Africa, which has an unbanked population estimated as high as 67%, 87% of individuals own mobile phones—36% of those being smartphones.

The proof you need to begin devoting more time and resources toward a mobile-friendly or mobile first site is stacking up. Organizations looking to reach, engage and compete at the global level need to take note. Mobile strategies are the way to achieve global communications and ultimately expand your audience.

Global Communications on Mobile

According to Forrester Research Inc., merely owning or having access to technology, such as a mobile device or tablet, will inherently change behavior patterns and preferences. As more and more people are exposed to mobile devices and tablets, whether through personal choice, work use, gifting or lack of other options, the less they rely on traditional devices like laptops, desktops, digital cameras, print media, and television.

For companies looking to grow, it’s time to move beyond the “think global and act local” theme of a decade ago. Today, organizations need to not only think mobile but actively be mobile in order to boost global communications. If your company has been slow to adopt new mobile technologies, consider this your sign!

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