by Caitlin Strauss Corda | March 27, 2015

How a mobile app for employees keeps the dispersed workforce engaged.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

By Cyndy Trivella, Manager of Marketing, SmartSearch & Events Director, TalentCulture

As someone who works remotely, I appreciate the flexibility of my working conditions, as well as having the technology that allows me to be productive and communicative. I know a number of employed people in the same remote-worker situation. In today’s flexible workplace, being remote can mean, working from home, in a company’s small satellite office, a coffee shop, a library, from a car and a host of other locations where connectivity allows people to be productive and in “the loop.” Being in the loop is what allows people to feel included and part of a team. It’s what keeps the lines of communication open and gives people the tools and information they need to successfully complete their tasks. Without communication, people will feel disjointed and unable to complete their tasks successfully. So working in tandem with communication is the technology used to carry the messages that keep people productive. Technology allows for the collaboration and inclusiveness that keeps the process running.

So when considering the vastness of technology and it’s variety of offerings, it’s probably the most important component of the modern-day workforce. There would be no communication without it and probably no remote working opportunities.

For all employees, regardless of their work site, having access to mobile technology that keeps them in the know is essential not only for executing the tasks at hand, but also for keeping them in the know about activities and information that impact them personally as a stakeholder within the organization. Creating a bridge for access to this information is one of the most basic things a brand can do for its employees.

For years companies have put great effort into building intranet portals that employees could access to gain insight on the latest and greatest happening within the company. The intranet is an essential tool, and depending on the extent of information included, can be the go-to place for employees. Essentials like accessing direct deposits; benefits; announcements; team, department and company-wide activities; including company stock activity when applicable; and even weather watches and security protocols in the event of an emergency. The caveat is that people need this access while on the go and must be able to have this information readily available wherever they happen to be. Further, it goes beyond the current employee to the not-quite-yet employee.

As companies are recruiting, hiring and on-boarding new employees, these individuals need to have on-the-go access to the information and documentation they need to complete the application and hiring processes. Mobile apps for employees allow for these individuals to complete and sign the necessary hiring forms and to seamlessly onboard themselves into the hiring process. It’s time saving, secure, and convenient.

Also, job candidates, today, are very savvy about knowing the ins and outs about the companies they research. Those organizations that employ contemporary business processes, like using mobile apps for employees and social media, as part of their HR practices, are generally considered more desirable, innovative and retain their hires longer.

This is not a myth or temporary situation… this is the sign of things that are real now and will continue to be a function of business, well into the future. The companies that understand the needs of the changing workforce and are willing to adjust and adapt, will bear the fruits of better reputation, retention, communications and brand-image. And most likely, overall longevity in their ability to endure and thrive.

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