by Jeff Corbin | March 9, 2016

Using mobile apps for employees can make you and your workforce more successful.

5 Thoughts to Consider Before Embarking on a Mobile App Strategy

Mobile application management company Apperian recently released its 2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report. Among its findings was that “51 percent of all companies are currently providing apps to at least one type of ‘extended enterprise’ worker – hourly workers, contracted employees and business partners – who are an important audience for enterprise mobile apps.”  For those 49 percent not taking advantage of mobile technology and apps, this is a major lost opportunity.  But it’s not too late.

Much research has recently been conducted on how mobile apps for employees can increase productivity and enhance employee engagement. The most frequently cited reasons for not deploying mobile apps for employees are the time and cost it takes to build, deploy and maintain mobile apps as well as the fact that those business unit leaders who can really be helped in their work by incorporating a mobile app strategy, don’t know what to do to make it happen. Fortunately, as mobile technology continues to proliferate, various app development companies are now available to both IT and non-IT professionals enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a mobile app strategy for their specific business purpose.

When considering whether a mobile app should be incorporated into your work, the following thoughts should be considered before embarking on such a strategy:

  1. What is the business problem that exists that a mobile app could potentially help solve?
  2. What is the intended audience of the mobile app and how many people in your organization could potentially take advantage of it?
  3. How are you currently addressing your business problem without the use of mobile technology?
  4. What functionality of mobile technology do you believe can help you do better or even solve your business problem?
  5. By incorporating a mobile app strategy into your business processes, what objective(s) do you believe can be achieved?

Once these questions have been answered, you will then be in the position to make the case for why your company should consider investing in mobile with respect to your particular business function and use case.  As mentioned above, there are different solutions available to assist you — some that require heavy IT lifting and others that do not.  The point to keep in mind is that given the nature of mobile technology, there is an opportunity for almost all aspects of businesses to take advantage of this new technological paradigm.  A little thinking and homework can go a long way towards not only incorporating something new, relevant and exciting into your business processes, but also making you more successful in your work.

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