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theEMPLOYEEapp conducted a survey of more than 1,000 high school and college graduates to ascertain their expectations for their future work environments including the tools, technologies and preferences they hold. Included here are highlights from the survey’s findings. 


Headlines & Supporting Data

1. Nearly half of all graduates plan to pursue mobile or remote work options

  • 45% of graduates plan to pursue ‘deskless’ employment opportunities (where a desktop computer is not required)


2. More than half of today’s graduates are pursuing careers in professional services, financial services, or healthcare. 

  • The top industries for all new graduates (high school and college) are:
    • 28% Professional or Financial Services
    • 23% Healthcare/hospital
    • 10% Manufacturing
    • 8% Retail
  • The top industries for college graduates are:
    • 34% Professional or Financial Services
    • 24% Healthcare/hospital
    • 7% Hospitality
    • 7% Manufacturing


3. What employees desire in a work environment has changed – they are looking for flexible solutions that include not being tied to a desk. Flexible hours and remote work options are some of the most important factors in a new job for nearly half of all graduates. 

  1. High-quality training and onboarding (49%)
  2. Flexible hours and remote work options (46%)
  3. Communication of important company information (36%)
  4. Culture fit/values that align with their own  (35%)

* Note: Survey participants selected their top three (3) most important factors


4. New graduates want companies to provide them with information on a wide variety of topics from HR and benefits to company news and events 

  • 50% HR information (Benefits, Retirement, 401K)
  • 45% Payroll Information
  • 38% Training Materials
  • 37% Shift Schedules
  • 35% Policies and Procedures
  • 25% Company News and Events

* Note: Survey participants selected their top three (3) choices for most important information to be communicated


5. Company leaders need to be communicating with employees often and through multiple channels. 

  • It is very important to graduates that they hear from their company’s senior leadership frequently (59%)
  • At least once a month (38%)
  • Several times per year (21%)


6. Today’s workforce wants employers to communicate with them ‘where they are’ – through multiple channels in a myriad of ways that reflect the lifestyle and workstyle of digital natives. The survey shows that other than in-person meetings, employees prefer to receive important information from employers via personal email or text/SMS message. 

  1. (45%) in-person meetings
  2. (44%) personal email
  3. (41%) text messaging/SMS or mobile app (32%) text messaging or SMS
  4. (28%) company intranet
  5. (19%) mobile app

* Note: Survey participants selected their top three (3) most important factors


7. Nearly a third of employees expect to receive a mobile device from their employer. 

  • 54% of graduates expect to receive a computer (desktop or laptop)
  • 31% of graduates expect to receive a mobile device from their employer (a mobile phone or tablet) 


8. Companies could create an army of social media ambassadors by sharing information on mobile devices. More than a third of graduates would be willing to share company information on social media if their employer made it easier for them.

  • 36% of graduates say they would share information on their social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) if their company shared it with them on their mobile device. 


Survey Methodology
The findings are based on a Google Consumer Survey of more than 1,000 high school and college graduates in the United States who are either seeking employment or currently have job offers, aged 18 and over. Google Consumer Surveys automatically fields a validated, representative sample of respondents which was weighted against the U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey for age or gender of the United States to be representative of the adult Internet population.


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